Simply Stylish

Simply Stylish offers personal styling and image consultant services, helping you discover the best looking version of you.

Simply Stylish can offer you wardrobe management consultations and group wardrobe swaps to wedding makeup services and makeup lessons. Sally at Simply Stylish is a qualified makeup artist and has 11 years experience in personal styling. If you would like to have the experience of working with someone who is fun, full of laughter and will support you and build up your confidence, contact Simply Stylish.


Wardrobe Management 

Learn to manage your wardrobe so you can save time and money, by creating a user friendly and inspiring mix and match collection, taking into consideration your own style, body shape, skin tone, face shape, personality and lifestyle. Sally will literally step into your wardrobe and guide you through which garments need to go and which ones should stay, she will even let you keep your all time favourite 'ugly' jumper - as long as you only wear it at home. 

Does this sound daunting? Bring a friend along! Simply Stylish also offers duo wardrobe management packages.

"My wardrobe used to be black, dull and dowdy. Now its filled with colour and I feel happy and confident in how I dress. I receive lots of compliments. Sally has taught me the art of looking and feeling great. Thanks Sally." - Sharon Smith.

Group Packages 

Book in for a group ladies package where you and three friends can enjoy a mini personal style analysis and colour consultation each. Learn which styles, cuts, lengths and colours compliment your body shape, skin tone and personality.  The girls are sure to agree with all of Sally's suggestions and will always look simply stylish. 

This package is perfect as a gift and a great laugh.

"I decided to be styled at a time when I was bored with my style, cupboard and the way I dressed on a daily basis. I felt like a frump! I was probably having a "mid life crisis" of sorts. After being a stay at home mum for many years, it was time to do something for me… Sally is a wonderfully open, friendly person who made me feel relaxed and important as she went through the initial assessment steps. " Bridget. 

Colour Consultation

Simply Stylish colour analysis session is a practical, fun and informative session, involving the use of drapes and personal analysis to determine which colours and tones suit your colouring and contrast level. You will learn which colours compliment your skin tone and bring about a look of wellness and vitality, and which colours to avoid.

Personal Style Analysis

An assessment based on your body shape, age, height, personality and lifestyle. You will learn what styles suit you, which lengths to select and everything you need to know about what you should wear and how best you should wear it. It's all about you – how to make you look great, feel terrific and boost your confidence!

Introduction to the professional world

Getting back into the work force or has your daughter just landed herself her first job? Do you need some tips on how to dress professionally for your new field of work? 

Simply Stylish services are all adaptable to each individual. If you have lost your sparkle and need a confidence boost to get back out there in the work force, contact Simply Stylish. Or have a girl afternoon and play with makeup, clothes and have a few laughs! Don't forget, personal styling does not have to be expensive, Sally at Simply Stylish has just as much fun op-shopping as in designer boutiques!

Hair & Make-up Advice

Simply Stylish will work with you to identify your optimum hair colour and makeup style and colours best suited to you.  

Getting back into the work force? Simply Stylish will help guide you and support you in achieving a professional look which still shows who you truly are.

Make-up Lessons

Make-up is a tool used to express oneself. Used correctly it can enhance a woman's beauty by accentuating her best features and downplaying problem areas. This is a fun and practical session during which you will learn the secrets to good make-up application and technique. This session can be run as a group or one-on-one and is wonderful for building confidence. 

Great for teenagers and the mature woman as they transition through life.



Personal Style Portfolio

You can now download your own personal style portfolio.

Your personal style portfolio will give you all the information you need to create an inspirational and user friendly wardrobe full of clothes that you love, look fabulous on you, and enhance your body shape.

The styles, patterns and textures you choose and how you wear them can make you appear younger, older, taller, shorter, slimmer or fuller figured - your style portfolio will help you get it right! 

You personal style portfolio will make shopping easier - you will save time - you will save money - and best of all - you will look terrific!

The way you dress and what you wear tells others a great deal about you.

Ready? Click here to start your Online Portfolio Now



"My life has completely changed since Sally did my style and colour consult eighteen months ago. Before then my wardrobe consisted of black, black and more black with a little bit of white thrown in. Now when I walk into my wardrobe it is a beautiful mix of orange, red, green, purple and many more colours. Every week I am complimented on my appearance and told how the colours I am wearing suit me. I now put a lot more thought into what I am wearing and I walk around with confidence. 

I was very interested when Sally did my style consult. It was amazing to suddenly realise where I had been going wrong for so many years. There had been many times over the years when something I was wearing was nearly right but for some reason it just was not looking fantastic. Now I know why. 

I have found my style booklet and colour swatches to be invaluable when I go shopping for clothes. They have saved me from making many expensive mistakes. If you stick to your colours and styles you will look gorgeous. 

I would say that a colour and style consult would be the best present that you could buy for the women in your life. It has certainly been life changing for me! Thanks Sally for making me shine. You are wonderful, caring and encouraging." - Tania Dalbeth-Hudson

"I decided to be styled at a time when I was bored with my style, cupboard and the way I dressed on a daily basis. I felt like a frump! I was probably having a "mid life crisis" of sorts. After being a stay at home mum for many years, it was time to do something for me… 

Sally is a wonderfully open, friendly person who made me feel relaxed and important as she went through the initial assessment steps. She put a lot of time and effort into making sure everything was right and that the outcome for me was a positive one. I left her feeling rather excited. I spent many hours pouring over the files and information before I attacked my cupboard. Out went all the wrong colours, shapes and fits. For the first time ever, I understood why some of those outfits I had, just never seemed to be quite right! There wasn't much left in the closet and contrary to what most people would feel, I felt empowered by a very empty closet and some great tools. I started to slowly build my wardrobe up again, mixing and matching as I went along.

This whole process has changed my self imagine, saved me loads of money, as I no longer buy the wrong thing, and brought me more compliments than I think I have ever had.

I would recommend Sally to anyone who wants a fresh approach to their wardrobe, who is feeling down about how much money they spend on clothes and never feel quite right in what they wear, or if you are going through that stage in life where your kids are growing up and you need something for "you"!!!

An awesome birthday or Christmas present from a significant other!" - Bridget


"All my life I had struggled with knowing what to wear, and how to wear it. I would often look at what other people were wearing, and if I thought they looked OK, then I thought that I would too.  But I didn’t even know what ‘OK’ meant for me!  Over the years I slowly developed more confidence to try new styles, and developed my own style.  But I still wasn’t 100% sure of what I was doing.  Sometimes I’d look at myself in the mirror and think ‘something isn’t right’, but have no idea what was wrong!

Having Sally look through my wardrobe was a God-send.  My initial fear was that I wouldn’t have enough clothes for Sally to look through, but I quickly realised that even 20 items of clothing was enough for Sally to work with.  The most fundamental knowledge of knowing what colours suited me meant that I lost half my wardrobe, but it was liberating and freeing.  And so much fun!  Never before had I thought of putting this with that, and my diminished wardrobe suddenly grew back again! Sally’s manner was so relaxed and comfortable, and her gentle explanations as to why my favourite clothes didn’t suit me, made me easily understand why my clothes needed to go on the op-shop pile. 

But the best part has been going shopping since.  Shopping with Sally was another eye-opener, and so much fun!   I now can walk into a shop and confidently know what colours to look at, and what styles are worth trying on.  This instantly cuts down at least half of my shopping time, and also means that I save money in the long-term.  I no longer buy something, and then have to buy something else to match, for it to then languish in my wardrobe and never be worn.  

I can truly say that I feel more confident in myself, and my husband is happy that I’m saving money! Thank you so much Sally." Maria Nicol

"The thought of Sally in my wardrobe was a bit scary to begin with, but it was absolutely the opposite. She is really down to earth, non judgemental, really helpful, constructive and best of all, it was fun!  Sally was able to work in with my style and budgetand it was and continues to be a relief to have a sense of colours and styles that suit me. I have more confidence in myself and I save money! No longer do I have lots of clothes in my wardrobe that I never wear.  Thanks so much Sally." - Jeannette Corbett


"My wardrobe used to be black, dull and dowdy. Now its filled with colour and I feel happy and confident in how I dress. I receive lots of compliments. Sally has taught me the art of looking and feeling great. Thanks Sally." - Sharon Smith


"It's made me change the way I feel about myself. I'm now confident in the way I dress, I spend less and I receive lots of compliments. Highly recommended." - Jacqui Larkan


"For years I was convinced I could only wear pastels, but certain shades appeared to be washing me out! After chatting with Sally I decided to have a proper colour analysis. The results were really uplifting for me. It's amazing how much fun it can be to discover a whole new range of colours which I hadn't considered before. I would recommend anyone who needs an instant lift with their wardrobe to get along and see Sally – she's done it for me!" - Ainsley


Sally Stanton 

I have been helping people realise their goals and change the way they look for many years.
Before I started my career as an Image Consultant I was a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor.
I was born and raised in England. I had always wanted to travel and at the age of 22 I moved to Bermuda. It was whilst I was living there that I was introduced to the fitness industry and the world of Colour and Style. I developed a love of the gym and aerobics and trained and qualified as an aerobics instructor and Sports Nutritionist.
I had another passion – clothes – I loved to dress up and experiment with different styles. The people of Bermuda dressed well and were so colourful - it was great! My boss's wife was a colour consultant and it wasn't long before I had a colour consultation. It was my introduction to how colour could dramatically affect the way you look.
In 1997 I moved to New Zealand. I joined a gym and it wasn't long before I was teaching aerobic classes with a passion. I continued my fitness studies qualifying as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor.
Being aware of some people's insecurities and sometimes unrealistic goals for the "ideal" body shape, I took steps to become educated in the field of Image Consultancy. I was already working part time in a fashion boutique and it was whilst I was working there that a customer suggested I become a stylist. So, in 2006 I went over to Australia and trained with The Australian Image Company. It was the best thing I could have done and I have never looked back. I love working with people, helping them dress to make the most of who they are. In 2008 I decided to have further training in Make-Up and went over to the UK to train as a Make-Up Artist at The School of Make-Up.
I am passionate about my work and I believe everyone can look good no matter what their body shape, all it needs is a little knowledge, guidance and support.



09 407 9206  |  021 0275 4254  |  |  64c Kerikeri Rd, Kerikeri, New Zealand, 0230